Best Tactical JacketsTactical jackets perform a very important function for the men and women who are on the front line of danger. If you want to know more about tactical jackets, then read on since this article is going to focus on this specialized jackets.

These kinds of jackets are not like normal jackets. They are made from special layered fibers. They are created and stitched together in a special way to provide the needed level of protection. The special way of making these kinds of jackets make it possible for jacket to disperse or absorb the blunt of the force whenever it struck by a projectile or bullet.

Some of these jackets have several layers of specialized a material that allows it to deflect the forward force of a projectile and at the same time deforms a bullet as a way of dissipating its energy.

Even though these kinds of jackets may stop a projectile or bullet, there are certain things to keep in mind. As the bullet or projectile makes contact with the jacket, the energy is then transferred from the bullet to the jacket. However, some of the force is then projected backward to the person who is wearing the jacket. While it is true that the jacket may stop the bullet or projectile from penetrating the wearer’s skin, but the blunt trauma may still damage the internal organs and muscles. It should be noted that depending on the force and size of the projectile, it can still incapacitate the person the wearing it simply from the blunt force.

Not only tactical type kinds of jackets are great when it comes to stopping bullets or projectile from penetrating the skin of the wearer, it also protects the wearer from stabbing that may come from in a form of blade or knife. Keep in mind that depending on the kind of jacket, some special tip knife or blade may still penetrate the jacket by moving aside the layers of fabric. Fortunately, there are heavy duty kinds of tactical type of jacket that makes use of ultra-dense of fiber that will have no problems stopping such kinds of blades from penetrating the armor.

There is also another special kind of tactical type of jacket known as hard body armor tactical type jacket. This kind of specialized jacket has a ceramic top layer that is designed to dissipate and absorb a projectile before it can reach the fabric layers of the jacket.