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Public safety work requires a lot of gear on a daily basis, and sometimes you need a good patrol bag to hold all that equipment. Blauer duty bags can be used by any first responder for their day-to-day work, but are particularly designed with the needs of tactical users in mind. These bags and backpacks hold everything you might require for a day’s work and allow you to organize these items in a way that makes sense. Whether you need to carry weapons, notebooks, armor plates, gloves or snacks, there’s a public safety cargo bag that will help you keep your gear in order.

You’ll find duty backpacks and go bags at Blauer that are rugged and roomy. Each of these options is made of black ballistic nylon with a special finish to repel water. The Silent Partner Bag is the best patrol bag available and is counted on by thousands of officers nationwide. This backpack has a main storage compartment that is large enough to carry a loaded duty belt – or you can use the included dividers to reconfigure this space. There’s also a padded laptop pocket plus an insulated inner area for food and beverages. The outside of the bag includes a number of storage pockets with either zipper or hook-and-loop closures along with a hook to hang a hat or safety vest.

For tactical response teams, a Blauer gin bag holds everything needed for active shooter incidents or hostage situations. The internal pouches and compartments hold weapon magazines, medical supplies and tools with quiet YKK zippers that won’t give away your location. It can be carried by hand or worn as a messenger bag while on the run. A good gear bag from Blauer will keep your gear on hand and keep your hands free so you can always respond quickly to a call. We have been in the industry since 1936 and will assist you in choosing the right bag.