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  1. Women's Clash® V2 6" Waterproof Boot
  2. Women's Clash® V2 6" Boot
  3. Women's Rift 8" Waterproof Boot
  4. Women's Rift 6" Boot
  5. Women's Crush Boot
  6. Women's Crush Shoe

7 Products

Set Descending Direction

Working in public safety often requires being on your feet for hours at a time. Whether you’re standing for roadside traffic control or going on a dangerous mission, you need footwear that will be up to the unique challenges you face. Blauer women’s boots and socks are used by thousands of police, fire and medical workers throughout the U.S. This durable footwear is designed and constructed based on feedback from the women who put their lives on the line and understand what their feet need. We also use elements from footwear worn in sports such as basketball and snowboarding that are known for extreme conditions. The result is boots and shoes that will help every woman feel and perform better.

Our large inventory of boots includes women’s patrol boots, tactical boots and station shoes for active officers that are loaded with practical innovations for performance and comfort. You’ll have a perfect fit all day long with the BOA® intelligent closure system that is part of every pair of boots, as this allows for micro-adjustments to maintain a secure but snug fit. Other standard features include a full-grain leather exterior and thick hybrid outsole that guard against impacts and slippage. If you work a lot in rainy weather or near water, our women’s waterproof boots have a special membrane that lets moisture out, but not in, so your feet will stay cool and dry in any season.

Socks are an important part of footwear as well, as the right pair will enhance the effects of good boots. Blauer women’s job socks and performance socks are specifically designed for use with our boots and shoes, and will add to their comfort and style. We carry both B.COOL® socks for warm summers and B.WARM® socks for cold winters in ankle, crew and knee-high cuts. If you struggle with plantar fasciitis or other foot problems, you’ll want to look at our high-tech insoles that help keep your feet properly aligned and balanced. We have many styles and sizes of women’s duty footwear so you can find something that’s comfortable and practical for every shift.