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  2. Clash® V2 6" Waterproof Boot
  3. Clash® V2 6" Boot
  4. Rift 8" Waterproof Boot
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11 Products

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Uniform shirts and pants may be the first thing that passerby notice about a police officer or paramedic, but those who are on their feet for hours at a time know footwear is the key to success. For decades, Blauer has made the best men’s patrol boots for those who need their feet to always be in prime condition. In recent years, we have added men’s job socks and replacement insoles to our inventory that further care for your feet. All of our men’s first responder footwear is built ready to wear, so you will feel the difference the moment you put them on.

Blauer lightweight tactical boots and duty boots for men are influenced not just by feedback from public safety professionals, but from military footwear, industrial footwear and even athletic footwear. These fields have led us to design aspects such as the supportive EVA midsoles and breathable mesh lining in all of our men’s boots and shoes. Each boot also features the snowboarding-inspired BOA® closure system that allows you to micro-adjust the fit without sloppy laces or pressure points. We have waterproof men’s boots for rainy weather, safety-rated composite toe boots that protect your feet from impacts and boots with a radiused heel for driving. Multiple boot heights give you varying amounts of ankle stability and protection.

Officers and guards have told us they need good socks as well, and our new Blauer men’s socks are designed to go best with our industry-leading boots. We have crew-cut job socks, performance ankle socks, compression dress socks and more that regulate your feet’s temperature and provide support. If you have problems with foot alignment or chronic soreness, FirmaTech™ insoles are another footwear solution that gently corrects your gait for better balance and power. We are committed to producing high-quality men’s public safety footwear with a clean, professional aesthetic that helps you stay on your feet longer. Many sizes are available so every man can wear Blauer on their feet.