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Tactical Boots from Blauer in black, made for police

Blauer Tactical Boots

Precise, custom fit made for comfort & performance

Any first responder can agree on just how important good footwear is to their profession. These men and women are constantly on their feet and need boots, socks and insoles that are designed for long hours and active wearers. Blauer has public safety footwear for police, firefighters, paramedics, security officers and other responders that do more than just prevent blisters and soreness. This emergency response footwear adds to an officer’s ability to accomplish their duties while providing lasting support and protection. We offer patrol boots, station boots, duty shoes, job socks and more that are used by the leading professionals who depend on their footwear more than any other.

Every Blauer product is developed based on the ideas and suggestions of first responders who know what they need for their job. This includes our law enforcement boots and fire boots, which are made to provide maximum grip and stability. All Blauer boots, from our waterproof tactical boots to the latest composite EMS boots, have supportive EVA midsoles, high-traction proprietary outsoles, moisture-wicking lining and other great features. We use the BOA® closure system that permanently eliminates loose shoelaces and add a polishable leather toe and heel to give them a more sophisticated appearance. We’ve even put fence-climbing grooves in the toe for chasing suspects or search-and-escape operations.

Although we are proud of the cushioned insoles that come standard with all Blauer duty boots, we recognize that some officers need additional assistance to prevent chronic foot problems. That’s why we’re proud to offer Firma-Tech™ insoles that use patented foot alignment technology. This keeps your feet and knees in-step with any pair of shoes. We have many different first responder socks as well that provide cushioning and compression-based support. Choose between job jocks, performance socks and stylish dress socks in ankle to mid-calf lengths. Whatever the occasion or mission, Blauer footwear for public safety is ready to go as soon as it arrives for long-lasting performance.