A New Kind of Duty Bag
Silent Partner Police Bag by Blauer Silent Partner Police Bag by Blauer

How to Choose the Best EDC Bag for You

A look inside the Silent Partner Duty Bag.

As policing changes, so do the bags officers carry. First responder bags have gone from basic, rectangular pouches carrying just a few extra duty essentials to becoming complex tools relied upon by law enforcement on the go. As officers become responsible for responding to more and more unpredictable and dangerous situations on a day-to-day basis, they have to think hard about the best police duty bag for them and the gear they intend to carry.

What to look for in a modern duty bag...

Despite the simple construction of the common patrol bag, many officers carry a lot of gear every day, usually stuffed into whatever space is available inside. Typical contents you might consider for packing in your EDC bag are:

How to Pack your Duty Bag How to Pack your Duty Bag


  • MDC (Mobile Data Computer) or Laptop
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as gloves, masks or individual first aid kits
  • Armor plate or tactical armor wear
  • EDC tools such as a multitool or folding knife
  • Extra cuffs, taser cartridges, or magazines
  • Notepads/ticket book, pens, and paperwork protectors
  • Lunch, energy bars or a drink
  • Safety vests or additional hi-vis wear
  • Additional weather protective outerwear, hats + accessories

To say that it’s hard to find what you need, especially if you need it instantly, is an understatement. That’s why it’s important to look for a duty bag that contains easy to navigate storage options for the equipment you’ll need most. Additionally, if your everyday carry bag is not properly secured to your seat, there is a risk that it will tumble forward and dump your gear out in a hard brake. Properly securing both your patrol bag, and the gear inside, is a must. 

Lastly, it’s important that your patrol bag is comfortable and easy to move with you on the go. We know police officers are no strangers to carrying heavy weights on their day-to-day person, but your bag should do what it can to take the weight of your gear off your shoulders- quite literally.


A new kind of police bag...

Taking all that into consideration can be overwhelming, but thanks to new designs and innovations in first responder bags and accessories, law enforcement officers are finally being offered better options, such as the Blauer Silent Partner Duty Bag. Designed specifically for (and by) LEO’s to sit by their side on the passenger seat, the Silent Partner operates as your office on the road. 

At the bottom of the Silent Partner’s exterior, there is a seat belt retention strap that will keep your gear from flying around by allowing you to buckle it in place. Lower profile sides allow easy sight; in other words, no more excavating through layers of your patrol bag when you’re in a pinch. Additionally, you can find an armor plate pocket capable of holding up to two 10x12 rifle plates (which can be dropped into ArmorSkin outer vest carriers, with their on-demand zippered plate pockets) as well as two side storage pockets with bungee for large water bottles or other items. Padded and ventilated back and shoulder straps provide breathable comfort when carrying.

Inside the Silent Partner, you'll find a designated laptop pocket, a compartment for paperwork or a clipboard, and two netted YKK zipper pockets suitable for storing personal protective equipment (PPE) or identification cards. Additionally, there are two Velcro pockets for accommodating extra handcuffs or gear, along with slotted pen and pencil holders, a key clip, and a hook for hanging your hat. The main compartment features two adjustable dividers to securely organize your equipment. Furthermore, the main compartment is insulated, making it ideal for storing your lunch, snacks, and drinks, or it can be utilized to accommodate a second duty belt or Blauer Gin Bag for ammunition and magazine storage.

The importance of a proper duty bag cannot be overstated, as it serves as a lifeline for officers, providing them with quick access to essential gear and equipment while ensuring organization and efficiency in high-pressure situations. A well-designed duty bag not only enhances officer safety and effectiveness but also contributes to overall operational readiness and preparedness. As officers are tasked with responding to a wide range of unpredictable and potentially dangerous scenarios, the right duty bag can make all the difference in their ability to effectively carry out their duties and protect the communities they serve.

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Cleaning Leather Boots - Blauer Cleaning Leather Boots - Blauer

· Offensive spots or staining on your hi vis shirt or hi vis jacket can be treated with a stain stick or with spraying or soaking with a citrus fabric cleaner such as Simple Green.  Like any stain on clothing, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible.  When grease and dirt are ground into the fabric, they will be more difficult to remove and can compromise the reflectivity if unaddressed. 

· Wash and dry your hi vis clothes according to what is recommended on the label. In the case of our Blauer Hi Vis Bomber Jacket we recommend on our label that the jacket be washed on a gentle cycle using cold water before being tumble dried in low heat which can help restore the water repellency (beading) on the surface of the jacket. Be aware that long exposed high heat as well as chemicals found in fabric softeners and dry-cleaning operations may damage the reflectiveness of your hi visibility garment, as well as any seam-sealed waterproof pockets or features often found in hi vis raincoats.                                                                                                                                                                                   

·  Lastly, hang up wet items to air dry before storing them as black mold and mildew will begin to grow quickly on the surface (mold, for example, is almost impossible to remove entirely from Hi-Vis fabrics and can cause health issues). Your hi vis vests or clothing should be completely dry before use and stored in a low heat area.  If you’re wet on the road as police officers or first responders often are, hang it up in the vehicle until a drier spot can be found. After many years of service, we have occasionally seen the pigments in certain older fluorescent fabrics “let go” and start to bleed out reducing their brightness (not a problem with newer hi vis vest technology.)  This could be caused by such things as storing a raincoat in a hot car trunk, or from long exposed oxidation caused by ozone in the air. 


Cleaning Leather Boots - Blauer Cleaning Leather Boots - Blauer

3. Zip-In to Combine & Customize.

The right combination will provide long lasting protection against extremes in wet or bone chilling cold. The secret is the matching inner zipper which mates with the liner zippers making every System Outerwear inner liner compatible with every Blauer outer shell jacket.  In extreme cold-weather conditions, the addition of the insulated inner liner to the outer shell jacket will provide superior warmth with breathability. During intense storms, the addition of your outer shell to your softshell fleece offers full weather-proofing against wind and wind driven rain.  

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