How to Stay Cool with Summer Police Uniforms & Gear

Blauer summer police uniform and gear

Lightweight, breathable clothing is critical when temperatures start to rise. Some officers in beach communities and more arid regions may even wear summer uniforms year-round. For public safety professionals and police officers, summer wear should keep you cool but maintain the professional look of the traditional uniform. If your department allows seasonal uniform change or you wear a modified summer uniform daily, there are a few important features to look for. Here are the most important components of summer police uniforms and accessories:

Materials Count – Look for Cotton, Mesh, Rayon, and Lightweight Polyester Uniforms
The first step to transitioning into your summer police uniform is trading the long-sleeves and layers for a short-sleeve garment made of lightweight fabric. For jobs that require a traditional dress uniform, look for shirts constructed with moisture wicking fabrics and breathable mesh side panels like the Blauer Supershirt. Lightweight police uniform shirts will keep you cool, as the mesh panels allow for enhanced breathability. If you prefer a more tactical or military style, the B.DU Tactical Shirt is a great option – made from a lightweight cotton blend fabric with nylon mesh detailing.

If your department allows for more casual wear, polo shirts are a great option for warmer months. Polo shirts are made with knit fabrics, rather than woven materials, making them more breathable and comfortable in the heat. Blauer’s line of police polo shirts are constantly being innovated and refined. The new Performance Patrol Polo features a dress style appearance with pleated patch pockets and military style creasing, while maintaining the athletic features of a polo shirt, including a comfortable sport collar.

Working a traffic detail or roadside detail? Check out an ANSI certified, high visibility polo shirt to keep you visible and cool during a summer shift. Hi-vis polo shirts combine comfort and safety, with 3M Scotchlite trim and hi-contrast mesh panels.

Most departments require officers to wear pants year-round but certain units may allow you to wear shorts. Tactical uniform shorts are equipped with numerous pockets to hold your gear and support ease of movement with the shortened design. Tactical shorts are a great alternative to tactical pants in the summer, providing the same utility and functionality that BDU pants provide. For bike patrol officers, wearing shorts instead of pants is crucial in the heat. Breathable bike patrol uniforms made from materials like nylon and spandex allow for ventilation to keep you comfortable for a long shift on your bike.

Innovative Fabric Technology Ensures Quick Dry-Comfort

Fabric technology has continued to evolve and change the police uniform – making garments lighter, stronger, and able to withstand extreme weather and tactical conditions. This advanced fabric technology is the key to create`1qng proper warm-weather police and public safety uniforms. To ensure a comfortable summer uniform, moisture wicking materials and fast-drying materials are essential to battle sweat. Blauer’s line of summer uniforms and accessories utilize high quality fabrics to withstand the heat and enhance breathability.

Summer-Ready Tactical Gear and Police Accessories
Tactical gear can be extremely heavy and abrasive, especially in the summer heat. Officers wearing body armor often need to wear multiple layers for the utmost ballistic protection. Outer vest carriers that resemble a traditional uniform shirt are the perfect tactical garment for summer wear. Blauer’s Armorskin system allows you to wear your existing body armor under the tactical vest carrier and when paired with a breathable base shirt, the tactical gear mimics the look of a traditional police uniform. The new Blauer Armorskin Polo is designed to be worn with polo shirts underneath for the ultimate summer tactical protection and comfort. Don’t sacrifice ballistic protection in order to stay cool. Wearing your carrier on the outside reduces the amount of layers required on summer duty and promotes breathability.

Finally, buy accessories and headwear that can withstand the heat. Baseball hats and visors are great headwear options for the summer and provide superior UV protection. Not all baseball caps are created equal, look for options that are made of lightweight materials and breathable panels throughout. Blauer’s B.Cool Performance Cap is made with lightweight, moisture wicking polyester and mesh to allow heat to escape, as well as a terry cloth stretch sweatband to wick away sweat.  New for Summer 2016 is the B.Cool Performance Visor which combines the features of the baseball hat with an open top for all-day comfort in the summer.


About the Author: Lauren Coakley writes about topics of interest to public safety for Blauer