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Biochemical professionals will need a strong protective ensemble to ensure their safety in critical situations. Blauer Homeland Defender® HAZMAT suits for CBRN workers are engineered to provide the most comprehensive protection from chemical, biological and nuclear agents that can cause death and destruction on a large scale. These hazard suits are certified for evacuation, perimeter security and other duties that penal officers may need to perform in the face of dangerous toxins and chemical agents. With their self-donning design and comfortable fit, they are the leading choice for public safety responders and supervising officers.

Are you used to bulky, delicate CBRNE suits that require slow and precise movements? Blauer knows that corrections officers may not have time for this during emergencies. As such, our prison hazard ensembles have a form-fitting construction with reinforced GORE® CHEMPAK® fabric so you can run and maneuver without worrying about your suit coming back. The fabric also allows heat and perspiration to escape while still keeping out the dangerous liquids and aerosols you may encounter. Choose warm-zone XRT biohazard suits for below-IDLH threat levels or Multi-Threat hazard ensembles for immediately harmful situations – or have both on hand so you’re ready for every potential situation.

We follow NFPA 1994 and NFPA 1992 certification standards when developing our CBRNE suits for corrections officers. These standards set requirements for both design and performance, meaning you receive broader protection and better mobility than with OSHA suits. These suits can be worn for eight hours at a time if you need to perform an extended evacuation or lock-down. And because the gloves and booties are integrated into the suit, you don’t need chemical tape when suiting up, reducing response time and the risk of potential exposure. We back our corrections officer hazard suits with a full craftsmanship warranty so you can be confident when you enter a potentially contaminated area.