Best Police Eqiupment List

Police perform a very difficult job. They face brilliant criminals and suspects. There are systems of brilliant lawyers and corrupt judges. Many citizens do not want to cooperate with them in order for the police to successfully complete investigations. The opponents of the police are unpredictable and have no limits. They will perform activities that will hurt communities, women, children and other innocent bystanders. The danger of working as a police officer is always present. At any point in time, an officer in the line of duty may be critically injured or killed. Police need to have all of the items on a police equipment list in order to have a chance to do their job successfully.

The police equipment list includes a few very important items. A badge, police shirt and pants are vital piece of equipment on it. A baton, pepper spray and a hand pistol gun are important. Police boots, tactical gloves and a bullet proof vest are on the list. Also, a radio and hand cuffs are required.

The badge, shirt and pants that are worn are mental gear. This outfit puts into the minds of the criminals and the public that a powerful police officer is nearby. They perceive the officer to be a powerful piece of authority and not an average person. People immediately think of police on TV and in movies when they see this uniform.

The baton, pepper spray and gun are also very important on the list. The peppGreat Police Equipment Lister spray would be used first in the case that force is needed. It is non-lethal and does not leave long term effects. The spray completely disables attackers and this allows police to handcuff them and put them into the police car and a jail cell. The baton is used in case the spray is not enough to stop someone. Sometimes, the spray will slow a person down but they need the baton to be injured enough to stop attacking. In rare cases where people may be killed, a gun is needed. Police use it as a last resort. This is because it could miss and hit an innocent victim. Also, the suspect may be innocent and may not need to die. The gun is only used if the suspect looks like they may kill people around them. Police would not last a battle with a suspect who is armed with a gun if they do not have a gun.

Boots, tactical gloves and a bullet proof vest are also necessary. They keep the feet, hands and vital organs of the officer safe from projectiles, glass and other dangerous items during a fight or altercation. These items save lives of officers on a daily basis.