Comfortable performance polo shirt


For anyone who works for a public safety department or is close to someone who works for a public safety department, it is known that having the right gear is essential. Public Safety departments require that their employees maintain a level of safety and dignity, and understandably so. Not only are law enforcement shirts necessary for comfort, but also for convenience, professionalism and protection.

First of all, as far as comfort goes, offers a very wide variety of styles, colors, and materials for their shirts. They offer long sleeved, short sleeved, turtlenecks, jackets, and polo's along with law enforcement shirts made of cotton, wool, and polyester. This is highly convenient for every part of the country, suiting the needs of all regions.

In addition to comfort, these shirts have features that provide convenience and professionalism. First and foremost, the shirts are durable and can be washed and worn multiple times without losing their professional appearance. Some shirts are even designed to hold pens, glasses, and microphones for communication. A few of the styles come with longer shirttails so that the shirts can easily stay tucked in throughout the day. There are many colors to choose from as well including: black, brown, white, navy, gray, green and more; and of course, there is a wide variety for men and women alike. With these high quality shirts available, there is no reason that any public official cannot be dressed with absolute dignity and professionalism.

Finally, while it is important for law enforcement shirts to provide comfort for our nation's finest, it is also imperative that they provide protection. Blauer's law enforcement shirt department has a line of protective vests called "ArmorSkin." This line offers a wide array of vest cover systems that helps protect those who are protecting the rest of society. As public safety officials, it is often necessary not to appear to aggressive or assuming in front of civilians. Apparel plays a huge role in this. ArmorSkin is designed to remain concealed, yet maintain one's safety and wear the necessary body armor. In this way, officials can remain "under the radar." One other positive aspect of these protective law enforcement shirts is that they provide relief from the heat of conventional protective body vests. The system also is designed to help relieve lower back pain that officers often experience. The vest system is complete with a base layer shirt. This allows flexibility in the outfit of the public official, meaning it can be worn under the vest or as a regular shirt.

In summary, has a vast array of viable options for any public official. As far as shirts go, there are several types offered including the following: ArmorSkin shirts as described above, Supershirt, B.DU Shirts, StreetGear Shirts, ClassAct Shirts, Polos and Knits, Base Layers, and T-shirts. This is a large selection from a specialty company that is sure to offer all the benefits public officials would be looking for. The company also offers virtually all other clothing accessories necessary for public safety departments including pants, footwear, accessories and many more. Finally, the clothing is not only high quality, specialized, and professional, but it also is quite affordable. Blauer has done an excellent job catering to the needs of public safety officials everywhere.