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  • Two-Wheeled Justice: Modern Bicycle Policing

    Posted by admin in EMS, Police on April 15, 2014

    Most of us had a bike as kids, usually a Huffy or Schwinn bedecked with the popular accoutrements of the era (ranging from tassels on the handlebars, to baseball cards in the wheel spokes, all the way up to full-on “battle gear” from the likes of He-Man or She-Ra.)  For a lot of us, we probably still think of bikes in much the same way as we did back then: a fun way to get around, with the additional benefits as adults of both exercise and the avoidance of traffic.
    Over the last 20 years or so, however, bikes have taken on a new and significant role in the world of law enforcement, bringing a whole new suite of capabilities to our daily work while also reconnecting some of the old capabilities we had before the era of the patrol car.  Today I’d like to highlight some of those benefits, and talk about some creative ways to integrate and gain from bike patrol in your own agency.
    Beat Feet
    One of the first casualties of the shift towards vehicle-based policing, and in later years, budget cuts, was the loss of the foot patrol.  Speed came to be the priority when looking at how [...]

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  • A Cop, A Soldier, Or Both: Militarization in Law Enforcement

    Posted by admin in Police, Tactical Gear on March 28, 2014

    I’m sure most of you have read countless articles in the mainstream media about the so-called “militarization” of law enforcement in the U.S. – it’s a hot-button topic these days, but most of those articles have centered around the concept that the acquisition of military equipment by domestic LE agencies somehow poses a threat, in and of itself, to civil rights and liberties.  There are, of course, legitimate questions which must be answered around that, but I’d like to take a closer look today at the LE side of the coin in terms of why it is we’re acquiring these items, and the realistic aspects of their use.
    What Do We Look Like?
    There’s been a lot of controversy in recent years around the way the public perceives our approach to the law enforcement mission – specifically, questions around whether or not we as police officers are coming at our calls with the mindset of a solider “versus” that of a police officer.  (Even some of our elected officials are throwing their hats into the ring.)  It’s interesting that so many seem to have such a clear idea that such a line is so clearly drawn in the sand – but if [...]

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  • Save Your Head by Protecting Your Body: Headshots in LEO Deaths

    Posted by admin in Police, Tactical Gear on March 21, 2014

    Most articles which talk about LEO line of duty deaths start off with statistics, and this one will be no different.  We’re going to go a little bit off the usual discussion map, however, because what we’ll be talking about today is something that many of us simply don’t think about that much.
    From 2003 to 2012, 189 officers not wearing body armor were killed by being shot in the torso – which is what most of us associate with officer fatalities – but in the same time period, 290 were killed by being shot in the head or neck.  If you look at those who were wearing their armor, 100 of our brothers and sisters died from torso wounds, and 218 from head or neck injury.  For those who are into percentages, that’s over 60% in the first scenario, and 68% in the second, who died from headshots.  Pretty scary.
    Now, the next thing which most LODD articles get into is an admonishment to always wear your vest, or seatbelt, or to take precautions to try to avoid whatever it was that caused the officer in question’s death – valid reminders of things we should be thinking about every day.  But [...]

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  • How Shiny Do You Want to Be: Staying Seen on Your Calls

    Posted by admin in EMS, Fire, Police on March 11, 2014

    Look around the next time you’re out on a call outside at night.  How many pairs of headlights do you see pass by you?  When was the last time you specifically paid attention to even one of them while focusing on taking care of MVC victims, or moving around the scene of an incident?  Now, let’s flip that around and ask the even more pertinent question: how many of them do you think noticed you?  Chances are the owners of those headlights are paying more attention to your scene, just like you are — in a lot of cases where a motorist strikes an officer, for example, they claim that they didn’t see the officer at all.  The number who are almost hit, or hit but not seriously injured, on the other hand, is unknown and probably drastically under-reported.
    Most of us have at least anecdotally heard of the ANSI standards for reflective vests, if only by reading the “ANSI Class” level indicated on the labels of our own (if we have them).  But did you know that there are actual real differences in the ANSI standards that outline how public safety vests – as opposed to reflective vests used, say [...]

  • Keep Your Legs Under You: Avoiding Injury on the Job

    Posted by admin in EMS, Fire, Police, Tactical Gear on March 5, 2014

    When was the last time you chased a suspect in exactly a straight line?  Seems like a bit of a silly question – every time we run after someone, day or night, no matter the weather, chances are they’re going to be ducking, dodging, and generally changing direction at every possible opportunity to try to get away from us.
    Not surprisingly, then, in a recent IACP study, the majority of injuries sustained by officers on a routine basis happened from the knees on down.  There are a lot of factors contributing to why that’s true, not least of which is the fact that we sometimes go from long periods of sitting in one position directly into running after someone, without the luxury of stretching beforehand.  (Assuming you’re not in the polar vortex, it’s great to get out every so often to move around, by the way.)
    But one key factor, above all else, plays into the prevalence of leg, knee, and ankle injuries: the shoes or boots you choose to put on your feet may not, in fact, be the right choice for the types of activity which occur on the job, and may be putting you at higher risk of getting [...]

  • Maintaining Your Microclimate: The Polar Vortex

    Posted by admin in EMS, Fire, Police on February 25, 2014

    The effect on your body when temperatures drop to 10 F.

    At some point in one of your shifts, I’m sure you’ve found yourself thinking one of two things: “Man, I’m roasting,” or “Boy, is it freezing.”  You probably dismissed the thought just as quickly as it came into your head, but what you may not have realized is that your body was sending you a pretty important signal when it comes to your health and ability to function.
    For those of us in public safety, the concept of being too cold or too hot might seem like something that comes with the territory, something to “tough out” or endure without complaint.  But the reality is that especially for us, maintaining the right microclimate for all parts of our bodies is far more critical than for those who don’t work in the roles – and the environments and situations – that we do.
    Think, for example, about what happens when you get cold (which has been truer than not lately, with the polar vortex descending over much of the country).  You don’t move as quickly, and it’s harder to think clearly, because your body is moving blood to your core to try [...]

  • Why Outer Vest Carrier is Important for Any Officer on the Field

    Posted by Michael in Police on February 20, 2014

    An Outer vest carrier provides benefit to any officer on the field. The right one provides protection and comfort whether it is for a local law enforcement person, firefighter, an EMT person, or for a S.W.A.T. team member.
    It also makes it easier for professionals to carry out their job responsibilities, and people will notice them wherever they go. They can fulfill all their duties with much more confidence than if they were to not wear one because they can assert their authority just by showing up wearing it.
    Each professional law enforcer and rescue worker needs a special uniform. Furthermore, wearing a vest in addition to durable pants and a shirt increases safety.
    The Importance of Choosing Official Gear
    Choosing the right clothing for the job can protect an officer from harsh elements, guns and other weapons. It reduces the chance of injury or death, and it keeps the public defender warm, dry and comfortable.
    The vests worn by professional law enforcement personal should have these features:

    Material that absorbs the shock of a lethal bullet
    Water-proof fabric that repels water
    Inner lining that keeps the worker warm in winter
    Plenty of room in the arms for maximum maneuverability
    Lightweight to make mobility easier
    Professional-look that commands respect and recognition
    Discreet [...]

  • Blauer Tactical Pants

    Posted by Michael in Fire, Police, Tactical Gear on November 10, 2013

    For the nation’s law enforcement officers, only the finest in equipment will do. Blauer tactical pants for men help first responders carry execute their myriad missions. Tactical pants are created in a variety of styles and materials to meet all of the functions in tactical missions. Blauer tactical pants are crafted to offer the relaxed fit and stretch to facilitate the greatest range of movement and motion in the full range of duties in training activities and tactical environments. In tactical situations, having the right equipment that first responders need and deserve is imperative for the safety of the unit and the success of the mission.
    Blauer tactical pants are constructed for the greatest comfort and durability, giving first responders the proper ease and access of different utilities and equipment for the optimum success of the operation.
    Blauer tactical pants are available in a variety of styles, and made from materials that fit a multitude of tactical duty needs with comfort, versatility, and reliability. Blauer tactical pants for men are created to allow for a relaxed yet precise fit, to allow for a greater range of motion during the execution of training and tactical situations. Tactical pants are available in rip-stop [...]

  • Protective Police Apparel

    Posted by Michael in Fire, Police on November 9, 2013

    If you're in need of new law enforcement apparel, then is the place for you to visit. You can fill all your needs in one convenient location. proudly serves law enforcement individuals and agencies with high-quality gear at the most competitive prices possible. Police officers that are seeking new gear will find the selection available to be fascinating and fun to browse. There are plenty of options within each category. You could even check with your supervisors to ensure that each piece of equipment that interests you meets your department's regulations. Make sure to look thoroughly through all the equipment to find your best matches.
    One of the most important pieces of law enforcement apparel is the safety vest. When police respond to the scene of a crime or an accident, they must be well-protected from the surroundings of that scene. Reflective vests are especially important along the edges of the road where other cars will pass by the officer. Blauer offers plenty of sizes and colors of vests for law enforcement protection. You'll be able to wear these in any season and at any time of day to keep you safe when a crime has occurred in your [...]

  • Protecting the Citizens Under a Stylish Design

    Posted by Michael in Uncategorized on November 8, 2013

    Law enforcement can find themselves in a multitude of situations. This means they need gear to suit any occasion they might come up against. One of the most valuable accessories to their wardrobe is a police officer’s hat. They rely on this single item for warmth, comfort and dryness. Blauer understands this need, and they offer several stylish designs to fit all types of weather.
    Of the many hats police officers require, the Watch Cap is invaluable. It comes in a dark navy, black, or high visibility version. Its low pill acrylic material is combined with long-staple wool to provide durability and comfort. With a traditional look of rib knit, it is warm and rugged. Machine washable, the fleece lining is made of Windstopper, a breathable, windproof fabric that fends off wind chills.
    Blauer’s Skull Cap comes in dark navy or black. Made of a polyester, wool, and acrylic blend, it is low pill, comfortable, durable, and machine washable. The high visibility version comes in a bright yellow with reflective crosswalk patterns along the hem. This hat remains breathable while adding extra warmth due to the technology behind its bonded fleece.
    The Stretch Fitted Cap is a polyester and spandex blend that makes [...]

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