The Dispatch
  • 12/19/14
    Join the Club: The Insulating Mentality of Policing

    Lately, a lot of the news stories we've been hearing about officers being attacked by so-called "sovereign citizens," combined with the fact that we seem to be fair game for just about anyone with a grudge against the government, have led many of us to revisit that age-old question which just about every law enforcement


  • 12/05/14
    Indestructible: Is Death or Disability Inevitable?

    Do you think that you are invincible? Might seem like a silly question — one that most of us might answer with “of course not” — but in reality, many of us are approaching our daily work as public safety professionals as if we were just that. Disagree? Read on.
    When you first put on your


  • 06/26/14
    Combatant Non-Combatants: Defensive Tactics in EMS

    The symbol of a red cross has long served to identify medical personnel in the war arena, with the notion that it was immoral to attack those whose primary role was to attend to the injured and dying.  In EMS, the Star of Life has served as a similar identifier, along the lines of delineating


  • 06/17/14
    Clinical Pantology: Dressing Right for EMS Work

    How many times have you tried to shove your stethoscope into an ill-designed cargo pocket, or gone to pull it out and had it hang up on the flap which “closes” the pocket?  Multiple times daily, if you’re like me – and the alternative, carrying it around your neck, has issues with contamination (I don’t


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