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  • 07/22/15
    The Job Is the Drug: Public Safety as An Addiction

    For addicts, who we tend to deal with fairly often in public safety, the physical manifestation of the effects of various drugs is usually pretty easy to spot.  Amphetamine and cocaine users often appear haggard and drawn-out, hyperactive or psychotic.  Oxycodone and heroin users are usually sluggish and have constricted pupils.  The list goes on


  • 07/16/15
    The One You Didn’t See: Proactive Policing

    It’s half past too early in the morning and you’re out on patrol as normal in your jurisdiction.  The myriad inhabitants of your nighttime route include the usual cast of characters: raccoons out perusing the finest in leftovers at the local dumpster, cats on the prowl for – well, who knows –, the occasional nighttime


  • 07/08/15
    I Thought You Did It: The Importance Of Searching Suspects Well

    We’ve all been there.  You take custody of a suspect, and ask the other officer or deputy if they searched them, and get a quick “yeah” in return, followed by a gentle nudging of said suspect in your direction before your coworker gets back in their cruiser to take off.  Since we tend to trust


  • 06/24/15
    Going Modular: Preventing Lower-Body Injuries for Officers

    The bane of existence for the lower back, hips, knees, and ankles of every cop in modern history has been the duty belt.  For most of us, the ever-increasing amount of gear that we have to strap onto it has led to a point where it sometimes feels like we’re carrying around a kettlebell for


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