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  • 05/12/16
    Experience Counts: Teaching Each Other In Public Safety

    When you were new, and everything was a fresh experience, chances are that there were at least one or two veterans that you looked up to: people who had been there, seen things, and knew what to do with them.  But as our careers progress, many of us find that outside of classroom learning for


  • 04/21/16
    The (Often) Forgotten: EMS in America

    We’ve all seen it.  A news story comes on about a recent public safety incident, and while police and fire are mentioned, EMS is completely left out except for maybe a shot of an ambulance on scene.  Now, while none of us does what we do for recognition, for a lot of us things like


  • 04/12/16
    Everyone’s A PIO: Putting a Face on Public Safety

    Regardless of whether or not you’re designated as the person in front of the media cameras for your agency, the actions you take every day are a form of public relations.  In today’s day of everyone having a camera, you simply being out in public means that you are potentially a media presence – and


  • 03/30/16
    The Grass Is Greener: When Does a Lateral Make Sense?

    You’re tired of it.  Maybe you’re getting the same calls day in and day out, the supervisors and command staff never back up their field personnel, or perhaps the prospects for your career advancing are about as good as a sea turtle developing wings and flying away.  Whatever the reason, you’re starting to think about


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