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  • 09/30/15
    Buying A New Head: Helmets In Law Enforcement

    When we teach kids at bike rodeos , one of the central messages we deliver is that wearing a helmet could mean the difference between not only life and death, but also life and disability.  A line which I’ve heard used that seemed to resonate well was to ask them if they could buy a


  • 09/03/15
    Everyone’s Going: The Risks of Self-Dispatch

    It’s a slow night in town.  Everyone is making their own work in the absence of calls, running LIDAR or catching up on paperwork, or maybe doing some community policing.  Perhaps you’re driving around on patrol, eyes and ears open for what might otherwise be unseen, or maybe you’re just trying to stave off boredom


  • 08/28/15
    Squared Away: What Makes A Good Officer “Good?”

    There are many concepts surrounding the overall idea of what makes someone a “good” or “bad” officer, with very few of us living up to either set of criterion fully (thankfully, in the case of the “bad”).  Just because we don’t happen to live up to the full definition of the term “supercop,” however, doesn’t


  • 08/24/15
    Who Do You Work For: Respect for Public vs. Private EMS

    In my 12 years in EMS, I’ve worked for entities ranging from smaller private companies up to major city third-service, in mixed environments ranging from inner city to true suburbia.  For many of us, that’s actually a pretty normal career path – we follow our instincts about where the “best” place for us to work


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