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  • 03/13/15
    Mourning the "Bad One": Why We Need To Suffer

    The calls usually come in as something fairly routine, but not always.  Go check on the welfare of the individual at 445 Main Street, nobody’s heard from them in a few days.  Reports of a man down on the 3500 block of Avenue A.  Or maybe, sometimes, actually as what they are: the report of


  • 03/03/15
    Shoot, Don’t Shoot, Maybe Shoot: The Price of Outside Pressure on Law Enforcement

    We’ve all been through the training, be it in the form of super high-tech virtual reality simulators, or even just an old 16mm film reel: you’re presented with a scenario and forced to make a decision of whether or not to engage a subject with lethal force.  As we all know, the scenarios are designed


  • 02/23/15
    The Fifth Wheel: Staying Safe in Your Vehicle

    For most of us, the only thing we do more frequently than put on our uniforms is get into an emergency response vehicle and turn the key.  Despite that, however, it’s the thing we probably pay the least attention to when we’re doing it, because it’s routine – for many of us, especially those in


  • 02/10/15
    Life After "Hero": Once the Spotlight Fades

    “I was chasing him down the street when I heard the shot.  I say heard it because I didn’t feel it at all, not even like they say sometimes you feel like you’ve been punched.  Then I remember that my leg felt really hot, but I didn’t really pay attention to it because I was


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