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  • 06/24/15
    Going Modular: Preventing Lower-Body Injuries for Officers

    The bane of existence for the lower back, hips, knees, and ankles of every cop in modern history has been the duty belt.  For most of us, the ever-increasing amount of gear that we have to strap onto it has led to a point where it sometimes feels like we’re carrying around a kettlebell for


  • 06/10/15
    Never Saw It Coming: The Dangers of Ambush

    In nearly every ninja movie you’ve seen, some guy dressed all in black enters a room late at night (usually through the ceiling), murders someone in an elaborate or sneaky way, then slips away unnoticed.  Either that, or the protagonist finds them in the act and heroically dispatches them (sometimes dozens of them, one at


  • 05/20/15
    Carnegie Hall: The Argument for Range Time

    When you first got onto a bicycle all those many years ago (or maybe not so long ago, rookies), chances are you spent most of the time falling over sideways, with occasional intervals of successful forward momentum.  Through perseverance and practice, along with a few bumps and bruises along the way from the inevitable falls


  • 05/05/15
    Remembering Those Here: Honoring Without a Loss

    With Police Week almost upon us again, all eyes and hearts of those who wear blue turn to remember those of our ranks who have made the ultimate sacrifice since policing became policing.  Their loss – always tragic, and far too often at the hands of a suspect – reminds us that every day does


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