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  • 02/23/15
    The Fifth Wheel: Staying Safe in Your Vehicle

    For most of us, the only thing we do more frequently than put on our uniforms is get into an emergency response vehicle and turn the key.  Despite that, however, it’s the thing we probably pay the least attention to when we’re doing it, because it’s routine – for many of us, especially those in


  • 02/10/15
    Life After "Hero": Once the Spotlight Fades

    “I was chasing him down the street when I heard the shot.  I say heard it because I didn’t feel it at all, not even like they say sometimes you feel like you’ve been punched.  Then I remember that my leg felt really hot, but I didn’t really pay attention to it because I was


  • 01/22/15
    Bulletproof Spirit: Police Officer Stress Management Strategies

    On the Blauer blog, we don’t shy away from covering tough issues for first responders, including the risks of depression and even suicidal tendencies and the challenges of negative media portrayals of law enforcement.
    We recognize the need for effective stress management techniques and so have interviewed multiple experts on the topic. Here’s former homicide investigator


  • 01/20/15
    Off-Duty: "Should I Do Something?"

    Thankfully, most of us don’t live our lives as public safety professionals in uniform 24/7. (Apologies to those who spend most of their off time on details.) As a result of what we do, however, many of us consider ourselves to never really be “off duty” when it comes to intervening where necessary should a


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