Toledo Police Department Switches to ArmorSkin® System for Daily Uniforms

Agency sees lower costs, improved officer comfort and safety as benefits

Toledo, Ohio – May 23rd, 2016 – The Toledo Police Department recently made the decision to abandon multiple separate uniforms for members of its ranks in favor of the adoption of the popular ArmorSkin® system from Blauer, citing improved comfort, safety, professionalism, and reduced long-term costs.

Their switch over to an all-dark-navy configuration was brought about in part by the features of the ArmorSkin system. Comprised of a breathable, odor-preventing ArmorSkin outer carrier worn over a moisture wicking, half-mesh, half-uniform-shirting-fabric ArmorSkin Base Shirt, the system also adds the comfort of the ArmorSkin Suspension System, which distributes duty belt weight between the hips and the shoulders in order to help relieve back pain and potentially prevent injury. Together, the system appears to the public as if it were a regular uniform shirt, maintaining professionalism while offering far superior heat release and range of motion. The switch is being highly anticipated by officers and command staff, with Lt. Joe Heffernan stating that “we’re excited for the change.”

Sgt. Steven Lamb also discussed an officer safety improvement coming as a result of the ArmorSkin’s locking side zippers, which prevent offenders from grabbing and potentially removing the armor carrier component — possible to do with some other systems which utilize Velcro, stating “suspects will come up and actually grab the Velcro.” With ArmorSkin, however, officers can feel more confident that their armor will stay in place, and since the system covers an officer’s entire existing internal carrier including straps, the custom protection their agency has invested in stays intact as-designed.

The Toledo Police Department joins thousands of others nationwide who have made the switch over to ArmorSkin, whose superior engineering and highly customized range of sizes offer each officer greater daily comfort and enhanced flexibility in motion as they go about their challenging daily work. To find out more about ArmorSkin, please visit , or for agency inquiries, contact your local Blauer rep directly or request that they contact you via . For a video of the Toledo story, see .