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When you’re working an accident, injury or fire scene where blood and bodily fluids are exposed, you need superior protection from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. CrossTech® outerwear is proven to prevent penetration and skin contact from these potentially harmful substances. Blauer uses CrossTech fabric, one of many product technologies developed by GORE®, to create apparel for paramedics and EMTs who work on and around bodily injuries. By protecting the user from blood-borne pathogens while also being waterproof and windproof, our first responder outerwear jackets and pants are some of the safest EMS outerwear apparel offered in the industry.

How CrossTech Apparel Works

CrossTech barrier fabric is a membrane that’s used as a lining when constructing uniforms and apparel. This microporous material exceeds NFPA 1999 standards for resisting liquid-borne pathogens from blood or bodily fluids and resists permeation by common accident chemicals. The membrane is also lightweight and flexible, so you can work freely with patients and victims without feeling bogged down by your apparel. Furthermore, CrossTech is fully breathable, allowing perspiration vapors to escape as you work. This reduces the risk of heat stress or heat exhaustion that can otherwise cloud your judgment.

Blauer CrossTech EMS Outerwear

At Blauer, we offer the finest CrossTech EMS outerwear for emergency medical professionals and anyone else who may find themselves exposed to potential blood-borne diseases. We have 3-in-1 CrossTech response jackets, hi-vis CrossTech jackets, anti-pathogen shell pants and other apparel that combats more than just environmental elements. All of our CrossTech uniform apparel is certified as Personal Protective Equipment and thus is eligible for purchase using Department of Homeland Security grant funding. The top EMS professionals rely on Blauer and CrossTech for their personal safety when responding to car accidents, house fires, athletic events, terrorist incidents and other threats in the modern world.