NFPA 1975

NFPA 1975 (2014 Edition)

The National Fire Protection Association established the NFPA 1975 standards for work uniforms and apparel of emergency services personnel. NFPA 1975 standards are specifically designed to address the flame-resistance of station uniforms and clothing. These standards do not address primary work uniforms worn by EMTs and fire fighters, but rather uniforms and apparel worn in the station or for more casual wear. The 2014 edition of NFPA 1975 specifies requirements for the design, performance, testing, and certification of emergency service station wear made from thermally stable or flame-resistant materials. NFPA 1975 addresses the construction of long and short sleeve shirts, station pants, and shorts. 

Blauer manufactures a line of NFPA 1975 certified station wear in cotton, kermel, and Nomex fabrics. Look for the NFPA logo or sort by NFPA 1975 in our technology section to quickly identify which of our station wear products are NFPA certified.

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