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Performance Uniform Base Layers – Merging an Athletic Style with the Traditional Police Uniform 

    Athletic performance or compression base layers have risen in popularity in recent years, often layered under sports uniforms or workout gear to wick away moisture and prevent discomfort during high intensity activities. Just like athletes, police officers, SWAT teams, and first responders face intense tactical situations and pursuits on a daily basis. Drawing from an athletic, performance-oriented design, we created a line of compression base layers and lightweight uniform pieces to give public safety officers comfort and performance tailored to their profession. 

    In the realm of tactical compression base layers, there are many different fabrics, cuts, and performance features to choose from. First things first, your old 100% cotton t-shirt is not the most effective base layer to wear under your uniform. Cotton is not inherently designed to wick away moisture and will not keep you dry in the extreme heat or cold. Rather than 100% cotton, consider a base layer that incorporates with moisture management technology. Moisture management equipped textiles are able to dry quickly by taking sweat from the body and spreading the moisture throughout the garment. The most common moisture-wicking materials used in compression layers and athletic-style clothing are knits, woven, and synthetic fibers. When combined with compression materials such as Lycra, cotton blend base layers are ideal for public safety use because of its ability to stand up to heat or flames.  

    Tactical base layers are built for multiple different weather, functions, and activity level. In the winter, it is important to choose a warmer base layer, built to keep the heat inside your uniform. Turtlenecks and long-sleeve base shirts made with moisture wicking fabric blends are a solid choice for colder weather. Other base shirt options include mock or turtleneck dickeys, which can be layered under your sweater or uniform shirt to keep your neck warm. Dickeys are perfect for transitional seasons and cooler fall days, as they can be easily removed if you get too warm.  For your legs, long underwear can easily be layered under your traditional uniform pant for added warmth.  Our winter base layers are made with a performance blend of cotton and Lycra with a moisture wicking treatment that transports sweat away from the body to keep you warmer and drier in cold weather. 

    In the summer, you certainly don’t want your base layer to lock in heat. Warm weather compression layers should quickly wick away sweat and keep you cool.  Choose a tight-fitting compression shirt to layer under your uniform to keep you cool and prevent discomfort during tactical applications. Compression shorts or tight-fitting boxer briefs are ideal for layering under summer uniform pants or shorts for comfort and support. Our tactical base layers and performance polo shirts are made with moisture management and anti-odor technology to keep you dry and prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes. The new QuickDry Compression Shirt was heavily influenced by athletic base layer designs and features a high performance polyester fabric construction, mesh underarm panels, and a drop shoulder for range of motion. 

    For maximum performance and comfort, trade in your old worn cotton t-shirt and boxers for compression base layers designed to fit your needs.