Police Raid Jackets, a cop way to gloat or prominent keepsake?

Great Police Raid Jackets

Police Raid Jackets are commonly worn by police officers as we well know, policemen are often seen wearing these sometimes when they don't want to wear a tactical vest or if they do then they'll wear this jacket up over their vest so as to provide double protection. However, the jackets are strictly a fashion statement and that alone considering that they are made to conform to the upper body as well as making it known that they are the police. This also comes in handy when they don't carry their badges or some form of police ID so as to make it known that they are the police.What's great about these jackets is that they're windproof which is a great feature of the jacket because it comes in handy when the cops are wearing these, and are chasing a "runner" during a windstorm or during a terrible rainstorm which is also when the weather would be at its windiest. However policemen look at it, these babies are worth their weight in gold because they allow the policemen to be comfortable while chasing their quarry not to mention that with it being lightweight the policemen don't have to worry about being slowed down because of the jacket making them sluggish.

Superb Police Raid JacketsBesides wearing the police raid jackets to catch criminals or even run up in someone house or a criminal hideout with guns blazing, policemen and policewomen for that matter can wear these if they want to just go for a walk around the neighborhood or even outside to have a smoke. The jacket is ideal for wearing in the spring, summer and fall because that's when the jacket is at its most effective, and it's also known that that the cops keep a few of these on hand in case they need it for a raid.The greatest aspect about this jacket is that the front pocket can be used to carry things like a policemen's badge, a cellphone and my personal favorite, a search warrant. In fact, most cops who get a warrant usually stash it in the front most pocket until they need it which is usually right away.In closing, these jackets are not just lightweight and bearable but they're windproof which is ideal for when they have to catch criminals during hefty windstorms.