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Firefighter Apparel Should Work As Hard As They Do

With an extensive choice ranging from wildfires, forest fires, three-alarm building fires, and the cat caught in the tree cliché, firefighters face challenges every day that does not only test their strength but also the strength and durability of their industrial clothing. Firefighters must have a brand of clothing that withstand abrasive contact and retains durability in various hostile work environments. That is why Blauer see to it that their line of firefighter pants meet the national requirements for flame retardation. A common trait of these hostile work environments is low visibility; therefore, our firefighter pants are specifically designed for maximum visibility in harsh conditions. Additionally, most of the pants from Blauer feature four to six pockets for greater storage of gear and equipment.Firefighter Pants

Blauer Firefighter Duty Pants

Firefighter Duty Pants

At the station or when a dress uniform is required, firefighters still require clothing composed of long-lasting material with a professional style. Duty pants and other variation of firefighter pants sold under the Blauer name are the best pants available for the finest firefighting teams in the world. We listen to feedback from our firefighter client base because their input comes from years of field experience. We get letters constantly about the comfort and longevity of our products and it makes us proud not only as manufacturers, but as Americans.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! With almost 75 years of experience tucked under their belt, Blauer was able to establish its authority when it comes to public safety apparel and law enforcement needs. Every pair of duty pants, fire jacket, firefighter uniform, law enforcement gear, and EMS/EMT apparel you buy, that red, white, and blue Blauer logo attached to the apparel is already considered to be an assurance regarding the product’s quality.