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  • Balances weight of the duty belt between the shoulders and hips and allows for a looser duty belt fit, improving circulation and decreasing the risk of lower back and hip pain or resulting sciatica
  • Durable nylon webbing material has adjustable padding for shoulder comfort
  • Quick release hardware attaches to current keepers at any placement and allows for easy removal of trousers and duty belt
  • Keeps duty belt stable in tactical situations
  • Please note belt keepers are for illustration only and are not included with the suspension system


Reduce the risk of lower back pain, nerve damage and other potential problems caused by belts with our industry-leading police suspenders. Part of the Blauer ArmorSkin® System, these adjustable concealed suspenders shift some of the duty belt’s weight from the hips the shoulders, creating a balance that avoids putting too much strain on either one. Using duty suspenders also means you won’t have to cinch your keeper belt as tight, which means better blood circulation and a lower chance of long-term issues developing.

Blauer duty belt suspenders are made from durable nylon with shoulder pads that can be shifted around for a better fit. They can clip anywhere on your current belt to keep it supported and stable even during tactical maneuvers, and when your shift is over, you can remove them just as easily with the quick release mechanism. Wear the Blauer ArmorSkin® Suspension System with our matching performance base shirt and armor vest or order it as a standalone item for everyday use. Your back and hips will thank you from day one.


ArmorSkin® and ArmorSkin® Suspension System are patented (U.S. Patent No. 8, 528, 112).

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