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  • Firefighter Clothing: Uniforms and Station Shirts

    Posted by Michael on 10/08/12

    Fire Station Wear

    Firefighters arguably have one of the toughest jobs in the country. Day to day and shift to shift, they never know what could come next. Being a fireman is not about just putting out fires and saving lives, there are a lot of skills to master, processes to learn, and physical and mental challenges to overcome. A fireman’s duties run the gamut from mundane, to exhausting, to outright dangerous and life-threatening. In a shift, one could easily find themselves standing watch for the next emergency call, doing maintenance on equipment, driving a truck, ambulance, or fire engine to an emergency scene, rescuing victims from a high-rise fire, administering emergency medical care, putting out all types of fires, and much more. Due to the wide range of duties, firefighters are put through rigorous physical and psychological testing to get them ready for the job, and their day to day duties.

    Blauer Fire Uniforms: Built to Last

    Fire Station UniformsBlauer’s firefighter clothes and fire department uniforms are put through the same type of rigorous testing to make sure they hold up to the same high standards. By using top quality fabrics and materials, state of the art manufacturing techniques, and critical feedback from firemen in the field to improve designs, features, and functionality, Blauer creates the best firefighter clothing available. You are sure to look sharp, stay comfortable and protected, and project an image of authority when wearing Blauer fireman clothing. Whether it is a thick and durable station shirt, a neatly pressed uniform shirt or station pants, high visibility jackets, and everything else in between, Blauer’s extensive testing process ensures only the highest quality fireman apparel and station wear is delivered to our nation’s firefighters.

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