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ResponderFR™ NFPA Flame-Resistant Uniforms

Superior colorfastness and wicking performance - the most comfortable FR uniform ever made

5 Products

Set Descending Direction
  1. ResponderFR™ Cargo Shorts
  2. ResponderFR™ Cargo Pants
  3. ResponderFR Work Pants
  4. ResponderFR Short Sleeve Shirt
  5. ResponderFR™ Long Sleeve Shirt

5 Products

Set Descending Direction

Flame resistant firefighter uniforms which meet NFPA standards have never been so comfortable.  ResponderFR™ from Blauer features superior colorfastness even after 100 wash and dry cycles, along with wicking performance never seen in FR station wear for firefighters and EMT professionals.  Firefighter uniform shirts meet NFPA 1975 standards, while our firefighter station pants are dual certified to NFPA 1977 for wildland firefighting.