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ASTM 1671

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The danger of blood-borne pathogens or viruses is of concern to many medical workers, and wearing the right apparel is a key step to protecting oneself when on duty. ASTM F1671 certified apparel has been demonstrated to resist penetration by viruses and other pathogens found in blood and bodily fluids during continuous liquid contact. First introduced in 1997, this alternative standard to NFPA 1999 is useful in select cases for measuring the effectiveness of fabrics and garments that are using in emergency medical situations. Adding ASTM F1671 public safety apparel to your wardrobe can reduce the health risks for EMS professionals during emergency response.

Unlike other standards that set specific design and construction requirements for apparel, ASTM F1671 is a simple testing method for measuring the effectiveness of protective clothing. A garment is exposed to an infected liquid for a specified time at a specified pressure, and a “pass” or “fail” is issued based on how much viral penetration is detected. It is primarily modeled for potential exposure to hepatitis, HIV and other similar viruses and pathogens. Since actual applied pressure can vary in real-life exposure, it is recommended that users independently assess whether the test results are appropriate to their situation.

Blauer has pathogen-resistant outerwear jackets and footwear that has passed ASTM F1671 testing and can make officers safer who are at risk of bacteriophage penetration. This resistance is typically incorporated into our B.DRY® fabric membrane lining, which shields from water, wind and other elements as well. We often add other features such as sealed seams and puncture resistance so these fluids can’t get in through weak spots. This emergency medical response apparel can often be the right choice for departments who aren’t using grant funding and need a more affordable protection option. Our expert staff can assist you in deciding if ASTM F1671 public safety apparel is right for you.