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Police Uniform Mid Layers – Fleece Jackets & Sweaters

Police officers and soldiers know that duty never ceases just because the weather is a little cool or damp. Blauer knows it as well, which is why we offer a line of law enforcement mid layer apparel to protect you from the elements. Science has shown that multiple thinner layers retain body heat better than one huge layer, keeping you warm and ready when it’s time for action. Our light and medium weight layers can be worn directly beneath another layer or as the main outer layer depending on the weather and how long you’ll be outside. They will provide the protection you need while still being suitable for public appearances.

From parking lot patrols to tactical operations, our mid layers are up to the task. Our fleece jackets are a police uniform version of the classic outdoor wear that uses B.Warm® fabric for better wind resistance. The soft shell fleece jacket has the same warmth and mobility with a nylon faced outer fabric that is immune to picking and pilling for a more professional look. Police uniform sweaters are used by many officers in the winter for their warmth and comfort, and Blauer wash-and-wear sweaters have a rugged fabric blend and WINDSTOPPER® lining to wear outdoors or indoors. The reinforced shoulder and elbow patches use color-matched fabric for a smooth transition.

Cadets and police chiefs alike love our mid-layer police uniform clothing that looks the part of an outer layer for when you need it to. You can easily sew on your own department patches, clip on badges and make other minor alterations without affecting their durability. Say goodbye to bundling up like you’re going to Antarctica on 50 degree days, and stay warmer on days when you really do need to bundle up. We have been making uniforms that set the standard for police work since 1936, and our innovations have made mid layers a viable option for law enforcement. You’ll warm up to them right away!

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