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Police Belts

Blauer police belts hold things in place around your waist securely and comfortably so you can get around all day without restraint. Whether you need a primary duty belt to carry your equipment or an inner duty belt for police to support keepers, our heavy-duty belts are up to the challenge. A law enforcement belt is essential for many officers to clip holsters, handcuffs, flashlights, gloves and other gear for quick access. Our reinforced belts are engineered to be strong yet have a cozy fit that doesn’t squeeze or restrict movement. We work with real-life officers to design duty belts that respond to the ever-changing needs of those who wear them.

Both our outer and inner duty belts are incredibly strong and will stay in place even when weighed down. Our patent-pending police inner keeper belts are the first ones with stretch capabilities, enabling them to adapt to the shape of your body over time and adjust to movement on-the-fly. Any style of outer duty belt can be attached to the non-loop facing and will remain firmly in place. Using Blauer trainer belts with them gives you the best quality inside and out. These double-layered duty belts have a secure buckle and internal reinforcement to handle heavy equipment. The hook and loop closure system is fully adjustable.

Every police inner belt and outer duty belt is made of rugged materials that will stand up to the test of both your gear and of time. They have a strong grip and unbreakable buckles so wearers never have to worry about them sagging or sliding down even during a pursuit. Other features such as hidden handcuff key pockets on the trainer belt add to their versatility. As you can see from our police duty belt reviews, these solid belts have been proven in the field and will last for years with everyday use. They are available in many sizes to fit the men and women who need a secure way to carry weapons and equipment in the field.

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