Blauer Tactical Boots

In the high-speed, crucial jobs in public safety and law enforcement, one of the most important things is your equipment - especially a good pair of tactical boots. Tactical boots for law enforcement and public safety professionals need to stand up to wear for extended periods of time. When choosing a tactical boot, look for a style with superior support, lightweight and durable construction, comfort, and protection from the elements and rough terrain.

A good duty boot provides superior support and heightened traction in any tactical situation that you may face.  The height, midsole, outsole, heel, and structure of the boot factor into its support level. Ideal tactical boot components include a 6 to 8 inch height and a heavy-duty, yet flexible and lightweight sole to provide traction and grip both on and off the pavement. A good fit that doesn’t sacrifice comfort is crucial in choosing your tactical boots. The use of EVA foam materials guarantees lightweight, cushioned support in the midsole of your boots.

The best tactical boots are easy to put on and take off at the end of the day. Many boots on the market feature fragile side zippers or complex lace-up closures. Blauer boots utilize a unique BOA closure system, which allows for a personalized fit with the turn of a dial. The BOA lacing system is constructed with braided stainless steel cable for durability so that you don’t have to worry about a broken side zipper or delicate traditional laces. The unique release feature of the BOA system also allows for very fast and easy removal of your boots in time critical situations.

Flexible and lightweight material construction is an essential component of a good tactical boot, specifically to protect you from the weather. A waterproof exterior or membrane is a crucial boot feature to keep officers protected from the elements. Waterproof duty boots prevent moisture from building up and potentially forming harmful bacteria, but also allow for perspiration to get out. For even greater protection from inclement weather, look for tactical boots that are both waterproof and insulated. Insulated linings keep warmth inside the boot so that you can stay comfortable and protected during winter shifts. Law enforcement officers and public safety professionals may face a range of weather conditions don’t let your boots hold you back from the job.

The Best Boot for Your Profession
For police officers, tactical boots need to meet your professional dress regulations and, typically, must be black in color. Boots that utilize materials like full grain leather, suede, and mesh ensure that the boots look professional without weighing you down. Law enforcement professionals are on their feet all day. Whether you are standing, walking, or running, your police boots should keep your feet protected and comfortable.  Another key to comfort is a good pair of socks. Blauer boot socks provide supreme support and cushion between your foot and the interior of your tactical boots – ensuring all day comfort.

Firefighters and EMTs spend most of their day in station boots, so finding the right fit for you is essential. Station boots need to protect your feet from foreign objects, chemical spills, and bodily fluids. Lightweight station boots are perfect for EMS and fire professionals that are constantly on the move. Look for features in a lightweight tactical boot like waterproof material construction and a comfortable, puncture resistant midsole board to keep your feet protected from nails and other debris. Heavy-duty protective footwear and station boot designs must meet the ASTM standards requirements for the design, performance, testing, and classification of safety footwear. Highly protective EMT tactical boot styles should feature a safety rated steel or composite toe, and materials that protect against debris and bodily fluids. Composite toe boots meet these protective requirements and are much lighter than heavy steel-toe boots, offering greater flexibility.

What Makes Blauer Boots the Best?
Blauer’s growing line of footwear was built to meet the needs of public safety professionals. With 80 years of experience in the public safety apparel market, we are constantly listening to the advice and experiences of men and women in the industry to improve and expand our products. Drawing from traditional duty and tactical boots, as well as design aspects of athletic and sport footwear, we created a line of public safety footwear. All Blauer boots feature the BOA closure system for a customized fit and are made with high quality fabric and materials. Blauer tactical boots are ready-to-wear right out of the box and are built to last. With designs specifically engineered for police, fire, and EMS, you are sure to find a Blauer style that fits your unique needs.