The military has a variety of uniforms that are made up of all different pieces of equipment. Each of the pieces of equipment serves a very specific purpose at any given time which is why each and every single piece is so important to the person wearing it. Whether you're talking about a jacket, holster, or pants, each and every piece of equipment really is critical to the task at hand.

One of the most important pieces of gear for most military operators is the vest. It might seem strange but the military tactical vest is crucial because it is essentially the heart of the entire operation. Without a vest the rest of the uniform and gear would be basically useless and impossible to keep together. A good quality vest is absolutely important so if you want to be the best you can be you should absolutely get a good quality best that'll hold up to the abuse.

Like many pieces of military equipment the vest can actually serve multiple purposes as well. One purpose that is actually becoming more and more common and more important is that many military tactical vest are beginning to become armor plate carriers as well. The vests that act as plate carriers still serve the exact same purpose of holding everything together like a normal vest but they also hold one or more pieces of metal or ceramic material that serve to stop small arms fire. When the functions of a vest and plate carrier are combined the tactical vest becomes even more important than it already was.

All in all the vest is probably the most important piece of military gear so if you want to get the job done a good vest is important. Whether or not you get one with a built in plate carrier is up to you but in the end it is important to get something that will do what you need it to and never let you down. Don't waste your time on cheaper vests, just step up to the best tactical vests out there and you definitely won't be disappointed.