Proper Gear Provides a Tactical Advantage

Military Tactical GearMilitary tactical gear is designed to give our agents a strategic edge in combat and operations. Equipment and military tools that will save them time and increase their efficiency or promote comfort can be all an agent needs to get closer in completing their mission. If it can make a patrol or mission any smoother, money spent on the right gear will always be well spent. Every operator depends on their gear, knowing that it is the key to success in extreme situations.

Blauer’s variety of military gear ranges from their selection of high-quality uniforms shirts and tactical pants, body armor, duty boots, tactical equipment, gear bags, tactical holsters, military knives, and many more. Every piece and article of Blauer’s tactical gear is carefully manufactured to maintain quality. With Blauer, you can be sure that you’re in for tactical gears that can stand the test of the harshest environment. Delivering durable and top quality tactical gear has been Blauer’s commitment ever since they entered the business 75 years ago.

Military Gear Consumption and Use

Military Police Gear

Getting access to military tactical gear and law enforcement needs has been made easy by Blauer. This line of military tactical gear is designed for and used by the military and police organizations in combat operations. However, these products are also made available for civilian consumption. Popular uses for civilians include professional paintball team uniforms, who seek protection for players from powerful paintball guns and airsoft shooting. Another common purpose for our product is to create a “real deal” look for scenarios performed by military-simulation professionals. Aside from military simulation drills, the public often use this type of gear for outdoor activities. Fishing and camping are just some of the activities that they enjoy while wearing Blauer’s protective gear and clothing.