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Tactical Boots for Women: Finding the Shoe That’s Right for You

Blauer Women's Police Boots

By Abby Gallagher, Blauer

A problem that we see in the law enforcement industry today is that women are underrepresented - something reflected in their available uniform choices, particularly in women’s tactical boots. In 2008, women accounted for 16% of all full-time local police officers, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Since female officers wear their uniforms every day to protect themselves, they deserve to have their gear tailored to fit their bodies - whether you are a man or a woman, you are an equally valuable asset to your team and your tactical gear should reflect that.

Blauer was the first company to create law enforcement uniforms specifically tailored for women, and we have continued to do so for over 40 years. Over the years and continuing today, we've teamed up with real public safety professionals, scientists, professional runners, and military personnel among others to gain insight and expand our knowledge in order to give you the best possible police equipment on the market.

Our top three best-selling Clash™ Boots now come in women’s models and are designed to fit the unique anatomy of a woman’s foot. By working closely with female law enforcement officers during every step of the design process, we have made sure that our women’s tactical boots are the best possible choice for women in law enforcement.
In the past, manufacturers of boots have failed to recognize the structural differences between men’s and women’s feet. Women’s feet typically have a narrower heel, a wider ball (forefoot and toe area), and higher arches. As a result, women’s shoes require generous cushioning and ample flexibility.

In terms of size, a woman’s size 9 is identical to a men’s size 7, however the shape of the sole is strikingly different. Men typically have wider feet overall, so women wearing men’s police boots may be more prone to injury because they lack proper support and often have the arch and other structures in the wrong locations, essentially making it as if the female officer is walking on uneven ground all day long.

In the past, the majority of tactical police boots on the market were designed to fit a man’s foot, so often times, policewomen didn’t have a choice when it came to buying police boots, and were forced to settle with men’s boots. Our police boots for women provide ample cushioning, a sleek & modern fit, incredible traction, and a state-of-the-art Boa® system.

All Blauer police boots are equipped with the system, which sets our boots apart from other tactical boots on the market. The closure system is designed to give the user a rapid, customizable fit with the simple turn of a dial, all while ensuring maximized durability. In law enforcement, you need a boot that can adapt to different situations in a heartbeat. The Boa® system replaces laces and zippers, freeing you from lengthy doffing and donning. There is no need to re-adjust or tighten your laces throughout the day, as the braided stainless steel cable stays firmly in place until you release the closure mechanism. The Boa® closure system is warrantied for the life of the shoe.

We offer three different styles of Clash tactical boots for women. Some are better suited for specific environments, but choosing the best boot for you is a personal preference.
The Clash Waterproof 6” boot for women is the perfect tactical boot for women in law enforcement who work in temperate or extreme weather conditions. These are the most comfortable tactical boots for women on the market. A notched collar back provides extra comfort for the calves, and molded polyurethane foam insoles and foam heel cushions provide an instant broken-in feel. Waterproof full grain black leather and suede contribute to its sleek contemporary look. Our waterproof membrane ensures water won’t get in and perspiration can wick out. A rubber hybrid traction tread pattern provides a no-slip grip for every terrain imaginable. The toe of the boot is equipped with rigid EVA fence climbing grooves to facilitate a difficult fence climb. Whether you find yourself in a foot pursuit in a New England blizzard, a Florida thunderstorm, or you’re on a detail in your cruiser, the Clash Waterproof 6” boot has you covered.

The Clash 4” shoe for women is designed for law enforcement officers who prefer more of a low-profile police shoe. Inspired by marathon runners, its lightweight design could be mistaken for a sneaker, but the Clash 4” boot is as fully-functional as a police boot. It’s the ideal tactical boot for women in warmer climates because of its superior breathability. Using the same technology as our popular Clash LT, this shoe regulates temperature in the office and warm weather conditions. The full grain leather heel and toe offer military shine that is stylish as well as durable. There is no need to break these in, as the molded polyurethane foam insoles and foam heel cushions provide comfort as soon as they’re unboxed. A notched collar back provides extra calf support, and a radiused heel optimizes comfort for long driving shifts. The toe of the boot is equipped with rigid EVA fence climbing grooves. The hybrid outsole provides long-lasting shock absorption and rebound.

If you want something that offers more coverage than the Clash 4” shoe, but is more breathable than the Clash 6” Waterproof boot, the Clash 6” LT boot for women is the best boot for you. A stylish combination of mixed suede and durable mesh provide paramount stability and comfort. in our most lightweight boot, weighing in at just 18 ounces. Antibacterial and moisture wicking lining render this the supreme tactical boot for women in warmer climates. We cut no corners at Blauer, so we equipped this police boot with perforated foam construction for superior breathability and support. Our compression molded EVA midsole and molded polyurethane foam insoles maximize support, shock absorption, and rebound. Grooves in the toe help with fence climbing. Our unique hybrid traction tread pattern is suitable for every type of terrain. As a result, whether you are on the scene at a traffic crash in the hot Los Angeles sun, or you are in your cruiser writing up reports in 100 degree weather in Arizona, the Clash 6” LT is the right boot for you.

Comfort and performance are something we refuse to compromise at Blauer, which is why we created a line of boots crafted to the unique contours of a woman’s foot. We are seeing more and more women enter the realm of law enforcement, and it’s imperative that they are represented as equals in the force. Blauer has always sought to recognize equality in the law enforcement industry, and we have been doing so for over forty years. We strive for serious protection, and we have achieved it in creating these tactical boots for women. Stop settling for men’s boots. What are you waiting for? Buy them online or try them on in person today - you can find an authorized Blauer distributor at this link: police uniform store near me.

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