Needed Police Supply

Police officers must have all the necessary equipment and tools in order for him or her to do his or her job effectively. There are specialized police supply stores that cater to these kinds of needs. These police stores sell badges and uniforms so the public can easily identify then as an officer of the law in an instant. Most of the time, police gear and equipment are ordered by bulk by the department. However, there is still a need to personalize these orders to accommodate the different body sizes. These days, there are already internet police stores to help you get the tools and equipment to effectively do your job.

There are certain items that is a must have for all police officers. If you lose one of these items, then you may need to get a new one from the stock department or buy yourself a new one from a police supply store. This article will enumerate some of the must –have items of police officers.

Handcuffs – a standard must have item for all police officers. Handcuffs are generally made from metal and are used to bind the hands of a suspect behind his or her back. When the hands are already handcuffed, it is a lot easier for the officers to frisk the suspect for contraband items.

Firearms – Policemen are licensed to carry guns, and use them for appropriate situations. However, before a police officer is allowed to carry guns, he or she must be properly trained and certified by the state.

Protection Items – aside from guns, police officers carry other items that are for protection purposes but are non-lethal. These protection items are commonly used in areas that violent crimes are less likely to happen such as campuses. An example of these non-lethal protection items are baton. These are only used to restrain a suspect. Another non-lethal protection item that is becoming more popular with police officers is pepper spray. These pepper sprays are usually used for self –defense and riots. When someone comes into contact with pepper spray, it can cause tears, temporary blindness and pain. However, there are studies that pepper sprays can cause fatal exposure that is why it is only used as one of the last resorts.

First Aid Kits – There are instances that a police officer may be the first people to respond to an incident that causes injuries to innocent bystanders. That is why police officers have first aid kits so that they can perform immediate and initial care to injured people.