One of the most unfortunate things about this line of work is that I carry a couple of telephones. 

People make the assumption that you are self-important when you carry two phones. I want to make it clear that I really don't want either one of them.

I am jealous of those that still carry a flip-phone. Those things might have been the ultimate iteration of technology and ease of use -it's a phone...and it folds. The battery lasted forever, and in the early days you had an actual antenna which you pulled out to indicate you were fairly serious about making a call. 

I don't think those antennas did a thing, but the just the act of pulling it up was fulfilling. I still like to think about Danny Glover using a phone in the first Lethal Weapon film. The thing weighed more than a Maine Coon cat, yet the world was buzzing about the new technology. 

Why do I tell you this. It's Monday. You really don't care, I fully understand. This post is just therapy for my interaction with a new iPhone.

People with iPhones are typically extremely proud of their device. You can feel their disdain become heavy in the air when you pull out any other communication device. Similar to folks who ride BMW motorcycles. No offense Beemer peeps, I have owed a couple. They were both old, so don't get any ideas. One never ran for me, I traded it for something. Possibly a push mower and a set of tires for a Ford. 

The big finish of this therapy session is that I "bricked" the iPhone within 24 hours of owning because I really put no thought into the passcode when I punched it in. I hit the buttons quickly on the set-up and figured I would remember when I needed it.

I didn't. 

This is why the pen was invented. If I had written things down on a piece of paper with a pen or a pencil instead of believing for a moment that I would recall the passcode when I needed it, I would have had absolutely nothing to write about this morning on the world's marginally famous Bangor Police Department Facebook page.

In the end, I should be carrying one phone and a notepad with a pen. Possibly a Ticonderoga #2 pencil for back-up. The further we move ahead, the more we realize that ol' TC is stationary while using stationery.

I'm ok with embracing what I know. I brought the phone back to life by erasing it and making it brand new again. I spent a few more hours trying to load all the information back into the phone again...on the most beautiful day of the spring. Ridiculous.

BTW, I wrote down all my passwords and codes on a Mead 70 sheet writing pad...Cambridge edition. The orginal flip device with a well-coiled antenna holding it all together. 



















That's all I got.

I hope your weekend was spent outside enjoying the sunshine. It appears that summer has arrived in North Central Eastern Maine. 

Have a great Monday.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another.

TC (cottonblend at blauer dot com)