Common EMS Gear Bags

EMS Bags

As every EMS worker extends their field time, so does their amount of gear. Being away from the comforts of home makes you want to bring that comfortable shirt that you always wear once shift is over. Even your favorite jacket just doesn’t seem to have enough pockets anymore, your extra sets of pants and uniform shirts are stacked in a locker at work, and boots and socks seem to pile up in the common area at the station. Additions and upgrades to the EMS accessories and equipment one carries might seem small, but such add-ons make a huge difference in client care, shift efficiency, and personal protection.


EMS personnel are proficiently being rushed out to emergency scenes and even though they have shift schedules they still don't know the exact time, even the day, when they can be comfortable inside the confines of their home. Unless you have an SUV to haul all of your gear to and from sites, you are going to need a heavy duty bag to store your copious amount of gear and equipment. That torch-bright flashlight, extra socks and undershirts for back to back shifts, the lucky safety scissors and stethoscope that you keep in one of the many cargo pants pockets –it all has to fit. And all of your gear will fit into the variety of ems bags that Blauer has to offer.

Getting things packed inside this heavy duty ems bags makes a big difference when getting your job done. EMS gear bags are made for the convenience of carrying your EMS accessories, tools, equipment, and clothes. These are the same tools and equipment you'll use in protecting someone else’s life. Heavy duty duffel bags for your gear feature easily accessible compartments and strong carrying straps so that all of your gear will always be ready for action.