Awesome Tactical SurplusThere are many reasons why Blauer is quickly becoming one of the largest dealers in surplus tactical items. This is because not only do they allow people to get free shipping on certain items, they also feature many items of overstock that they know people use and need on a daily basis. This means that if you need tactical gear for something that has nothing to do with work, you can easily find it. After all, what could be better than being able to outfit your troops with something that was inexpensive but of a superb quality?There are three main tactical shirts that are offered at this site. These are the 8730 BDU, the 8730C Multicam BDU, and the 8740 SS BDU. Their shirts range in price between 64.99 and 89.99 and may or may not have a discount based on the month and time of year that they are being purchased, and may have free shipping. These shirts come in three different styles of long sleeve, short sleeve, and style that allows the wearer to have either or with no problem and no bunching that is often seen in many long sleeve shirts.

Great tactical surplusThere are many types of tactical pants at Blauer that a person can use in a variety of situations. These pants can be worn at home, the office behind the desk, to meetings, and even in the field depending completely on the qualities that the pants in question contain. The pants range in price from 64.99 to 94.99. There are pants for women such as the 8823 Tactical Pants with Stretch Nylon, and for men such as the 8835 Operation Trousers. These are both extremely comfortable and resistant to many different abrasive problems that often cause issues for law enforcement.

The nice thing that all of the above items have in common are their qualities. These tactical surplus items can help the person keep from having to buy new items as they are all colorfast. These items also feature added durability in the seams and linings and the shirts are able to help the wearer when needing to reach by having specially designed shoulders. No matter what item you happen to be looking for you are going to find. If the item happens to be out of stock you merely need to wait a bit until it comes back or contact the great people who sell said item.