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  • 07/31/18
    Millennial Officers: The Future, Trained Right

    “These young kids these days, they don’t understand what the job is really about.”
    I’ve heard this line numerous times throughout my career - sometimes it was directed towards me, sometimes it was towards the younger boots in the department. Who’s usually the one saying it? An “old timer” who is on the downswing of


  • 07/23/18
    "Stories in the Rafters" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    She has been after me for twenty years to finish the ceiling at the cabin in the woods.
    I am a master of redirection. “There are so many other things to do,” I say. “I need to jack up that post under the porch.” She moves on, but she will bring it up again.
    She spends far


  • 07/18/18
    What Are BDU Pants and Shirts?

    Just because something is a pair of black tactical pants or a shirt doesn’t make it a true BDU, or Battle Dress Uniform.  Many times, the two get confused as concepts, so today we’ll discuss what makes something a BDU as opposed to simply a pair of cargo pants or a shirt that has extra


  • 07/17/18
    The Simplicity of Contentment - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    As the miles slip by, the music channels are switched using the buttons on the steering wheel. My selections are endless. I can go from Frank Sinatra to Classic Vinyl at the flick of an index finger. More bass? I got this, More mid-range? Nope, I will adjust the treble, because I can. I can


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