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  • 06/25/18
    "Banana Bread" - By LT. Tim Cotton

    He stopped, mainly to check on her. The banana bread was purely a secondary reason, but it easily could have been the primary reason. 
    Sandwiched between his concern for her frailty and the fact that winter was here was still the fact that she used pecans in the warm loaves of bread. She always had cream


  • 06/18/18
    "Ghosts" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    They aren’t there anymore, but he is. While other folks pass the homes and apartment buildings, the stores and the laundromats and see nothing more than the shells which shelter, employ, and cleanse, he sees the ghosts.
    At the white house with green shutters, he recalls the returning of a bicycle to a kid that forgot


  • 06/11/18
    "Provolone" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    The old man would never accept a sandwich. He would just turn his nose up and walk away. He had no interest in speaking to the cop. While their conversations were short and not very friendly, the cop felt that he should keep trying. Sometimes the old man might say hello, some nights he would


  • 06/04/18
    "Best Friend to the End" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    The small three-bedroom and one bath ranch with brick steps was a mirror image of the small 1960s era homes on either side of it. The unkempt shrubs, weed infested lawn, and alligator cracks in the driveway asphalt set it apart from the others. There was an empty leash in the backyard.
    It was obvious to


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