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  • 05/29/18
    "Thank You For Your Service: All Of You" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    The nap was short-lived, but I felt slightly refreshed. I had found a chair in the corner of the terminal which had both a charging port which was operable as well as a wall that was close enough to prop my head against.
    There is a point in your life when your appearance is no longer


  • 05/24/18
    Police Rain Jackets: What You Need to Know

    You’re out on patrol for hours, and it’s pouring down cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals outside.  Staying dry isn’t easy, especially if you get posted to a traffic detail or sent to a MVC with a tow needed, but knowing what to look for in terms of a police raincoat can go a long


  • 05/21/18
    "The Cop: Coming Home" - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    He came into the house and immediately he could smell the stale odor of cigarettes. No one smoked in this house, the odor was stowed away invisibly on his dark blue uniform. He went directly to the basement, scuffed across the cold floor, and pulled the chrome beaded chain to turn on the incandescent bulb


  • 05/14/18
    Chesley and Schmidt - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    She couldn’t believe she was here. Four years of college, a really good marriage, a blown chance at a full-time teaching position, and yet here she was. Tomorrow night she would not be riding with Schmidt anymore.
    Released from her field training program a little early, she was finally going to be in her own cruiser


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