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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • 04/30/18
    What Makes Someone A Real "Subject Matter Expert?"

    By VDMSR
    One thing I have always found very interesting in the firearms / tactical industry is the prevalence of the Subject Matter Expert, or for you high speed types, the SME. They are literally everywhere (hell, ever been to SHOT?) But are all of them really, truly, SME's? Who even determines that title anyway? The


  • 04/30/18
    I Saw My Friend Today, I Wish I'd Have Seen Him Sooner - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    I stood in the lobby of the arena and watched the people saunter by. It is a position that I had been in on numerous occasions over the years. It was a beautiful day and I would be fibbing if I told you that I was happy to be there.
    Seeing a police officer is reassuring


  • 04/24/18
    A Pretty Good Day - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    I like the month of August. As a seasoned and sturdy Mainer I can tell you that it might be the most perfect month.
    The sometimes excessive traffic that July brings us has thinned out a bit. The nights start to get a little cooler and the mosquitoes seem to have moved on after becoming bored


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