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  • 03/19/18
    Walking Away - By Lt. Tim Cotton

    No one taught me to say it, but it rolls off the tongue as naturally as does hello, good-bye, or have a great day when speaking to my core group of friends and acquaintances.
    I guess I should make it clear that it is highly possible that I started using the phrase after working with more


  • 03/15/18
    Off-Duty: "Should I Do Something?"

    Thankfully, most of us don’t live our lives as public safety professionals in uniform 24/7. (Apologies to those who spend most of their off time on details.) As a result of what we do, however, many of us consider ourselves to never really be “off duty” when it comes to intervening where necessary should a


  • 03/13/18
    The National Blue Alert Network: What You Need to Know

    Up until recently, the only way that a member of the public would know that an officer had been killed or seriously injured was by watching stories on the news – if they even saw it at all.  Meanwhile, involved offenders often had the luxury of time, in a sense, because the only people out


  • 03/05/18
    Insulated Police Boots: More Than Just A Tactical Need

    Think about the last time you had to stand outside at a call for a long time when it was cold out.  Breath steaming in the air, face going a little bit numb from the wind perhaps, and overall just feeling like inside would be a much better place to be, right?
    Most of us are


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