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  • 02/26/18
    Flame Resistant Clothing and Uniforms: Why NFPA 1975 Matters

    Nobody wants to get burned in a fire.  Even if it’s a possibility you’ve accepted as a firefighter, it’s important to understand that the choices that you make about what you wear under your turnout gear can either contribute to being burned or help prevent it.  But how do you know what to choose?  Let’s


  • 02/15/18
    When People Riot: Responding to Mobs

    It’s quiet outside at your post in the city.  You’re wearing your response gear and chatting with your coworkers as you wait for what might happen.  The agency sent all of you out because the city anticipates that, if the hometown team wins the championship, all heck might very well break loose.  Occasionally you hear


  • 02/10/18
    Firefighter Uniform Options: What to Wear at the Station

    When you’re on call, or at the station, for 24 hours at a time, you need the most comfortable option you can get.  Going outside and facing the public, however, you still have to look professional and presentable.  So how do you find the right mix, and the right look, for your department?  Let’s discuss.


  • 02/08/18
    EMT Uniforms: More Than Just EMT Pants

    Everyone knows about EMT pants as a concept – lots of pockets with places for your trauma shears, an OPA, and the ever-necessary emesis bag.  But there’s much more that goes into making a good EMT uniform – one that will help protect you from the fluids, general nastiness, and safety hazards that you’re going


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