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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • 11/29/17
    My Aching Back: Avoiding Injury from Duty Belts

    After a few years of toting a duty belt and driving a cruiser you start to feel it. The workout routine helps, as does the constant shifting and movement of the belt when standing. Still, the job is taking a toll on your low back and posture.
    Maybe you saw a chiropractor or you try PT


  • 11/16/17
    Is Your Cruiser Making You Sick?

    Let’s face it.  We deal with some unclean people while working in the field in law enforcement.  Oftentimes, parts of our population who live outside don’t choose to (or otherwise don’t have access to) bathe with any great frequency, and nobody can tell by looking which member of any part of our population might be


  • 11/09/17
    What You Need to Know About the New ANSI Standard for Public Safety

    Google “police officer struck by injuries” and you will find pages of near death stories of police officers involved in vehicle accidents. Notwithstanding the handful or criminals actually trying to hit police officers, most drivers claim to have not seen them until it was too late. Have you had a close call or been injured


  • 11/02/17
    Finding Happiness in Public Safety

    We’re all familiar with the burnouts in our agency. No matter what they’re called – salty, veterans, gruff, fried – the central features of their personalities are, we think to ourselves, mostly the same. The questions that aren’t usually asked, however, is how they got where they are mentally, what they can do to help


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