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  • 07/21/17
    Stabbed With 19 Years On Duty: How I Survived

    By Julie Werhnyak
    Professional Trainer, Speaker, Author 
    Every day I donned my Tempe police uniform I spoke some version of the same mantra. “I expect and accept I will be involved in a lethal encounter today and I will do everything I can to ensure my survival.” With 19 years on, that March day in 2015 was


  • 07/18/17
    Uniform Gloves for Duty and Patrol: Picking the Right Fit for You

    When it comes to picking the right gloves for your work in uniform as a police officer, it’s important to be aware that there are many options designed for the specific tasks you’ll need to do while wearing them.  Let’s talk about some of the different models and types of patrol and tactical gloves to


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