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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • 01/22/15
    Bulletproof Spirit: Police Officer Stress Management Strategies

    On the Blauer blog, we don’t shy away from covering tough issues for first responders, including the risks of depression and even suicidal tendencies and the challenges of negative media portrayals of law enforcement.
    We recognize the need for effective stress management techniques and so have interviewed multiple experts on the topic. Here’s former homicide investigator


  • 01/12/15
    The "Third Man": Confirmation Bias in Public Safety

    Have you ever had a call where you arrived to find that things were completely different from the dispatch information you were given? Of course, we pretty much all have. But ask yourself another question, and try to answer honestly: how much were you relying upon that information as you arrived, and how did it


  • 01/08/15
    Behind-the-scenes look at the life of a police trainer: Mike Witzgall

    Police officers’ jobs continue to change, in part because of the rapid evolution of technology and in part because of how civilian expectations and perceptions of police officers change.
    Both point to the crucial need for up-to-date training for officers, so we thought we’d take a behind-the-scenes look at one police trainer, and how he ended


  • 01/05/15
    The Unspoken Good: Why We Do For Others

    Most of us, at least in part, got into public safety because we wanted to help others in their time of need. Regardless of the mission that you’ve undertaken (be it EMS, Fire, Police, or other), the chance is there almost every day to do just that, even if it’s only in a way that


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