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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • 05/28/14
    It’s Getting Hot In Here: Staying Cool on the Job

    Everybody should want to be the cool guy this summer.  I’m not talking about popularity, or whether or not you’re rocking the latest Oakley sunglasses along with your uniform (hey, we all need to stand out somehow, right), but rather whether or not you’re taking the right steps to ensure that you are not only


  • 05/09/14
    Crispy Critters: Analyzing Burnout in Public Safety Professionals

    When you think about burnout, what comes to mind first?  For most of us, the most immediate image is the salty veteran we work with, who’s seen it all over the years and has become cynical and jaded about all but the most dynamic of calls – grumpy all the time, no patience for the


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