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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • 04/30/14
    We’re Not Vampires: Avoiding Skin Cancer on the Job

    How much time do you think you spend out in the sun during an average shift?  I’m not just talking about outdoor calls or details here – time spent driving around, walking from your vehicle to your calls (or the convenience store), and more all count towards that.  Now ask yourself when the last time


  • 04/23/14
    Save Yourselves: Trauma Kits in Law Enforcement

    Everyone who goes to work in law enforcement, regardless of whether you wear blue, brown, or another color, and whether or not it’s your full-time vocation, knows that each day brings the possibility of the hard-to-think-about: being seriously injured or killed.  Note especially that I didn’t say “unthinkable,” because it’s critical to prepare yourself for


  • 04/15/14
    Two-Wheeled Justice: Modern Bicycle Policing

    Most of us had a bike as kids, usually a Huffy or Schwinn bedecked with the popular accoutrements of the era (ranging from tassels on the handlebars, to baseball cards in the wheel spokes, all the way up to full-on “battle gear” from the likes of He-Man or She-Ra.)  For a lot of us, we


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