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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • 03/28/14
    A Cop, A Soldier, Or Both: Militarization in Law Enforcement

    I’m sure most of you have read countless articles in the mainstream media about the so-called “militarization” of law enforcement in the U.S. – it’s a hot-button topic these days, but most of those articles have centered around the concept that the acquisition of military equipment by domestic LE agencies somehow poses a threat, in


  • 03/21/14
    Save Your Head by Protecting Your Body: Headshots in LEO Deaths

    Most articles which talk about LEO line of duty deaths start off with statistics, and this one will be no different.  We’re going to go a little bit off the usual discussion map, however, because what we’ll be talking about today is something that many of us simply don’t think about that much.
    From 2003 to


  • 03/11/14
    How Shiny Do You Want to Be: Staying Seen on Your Calls

    Look around the next time you’re out on a call outside at night.  How many pairs of headlights do you see pass by you?  When was the last time you specifically paid attention to even one of them while focusing on taking care of MVC victims, or moving around the scene of an incident?  Now


  • 03/05/14
    Keep Your Legs Under You: Avoiding Injury on the Job

    When was the last time you chased a suspect in exactly a straight line?  Seems like a bit of a silly question – every time we run after someone, day or night, no matter the weather, chances are they’re going to be ducking, dodging, and generally changing direction at every possible opportunity to try to


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