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  • 11/10/13
    Blauer Tactical Pants

    For the nation’s law enforcement officers, only the finest in equipment will do. Blauer tactical pants for men help first responders carry execute their myriad missions. Tactical pants are created in a variety of styles and materials to meet all of the functions in tactical missions. Blauer tactical pants are crafted to offer the relaxed


  • 11/09/13
    Protective Police Apparel

    If you're in need of new law enforcement apparel, then is the place for you to visit. You can fill all your needs in one convenient location. proudly serves law enforcement individuals and agencies with high-quality gear at the most competitive prices possible. Police officers that are seeking new gear will find the


  • 11/08/13
    Protecting the Citizens Under a Stylish Design

    Law enforcement can find themselves in a multitude of situations. This means they need gear to suit any occasion they might come up against. One of the most valuable accessories to their wardrobe is a police officer’s hat. They rely on this single item for warmth, comfort and dryness. Blauer understands this need, and they offer


  • 11/07/13
    What to Look for When Buying Firefighter Shirts


    A job as a firefighter can be highly physically demanding. The right clothing is essential. Many companies mandate that firefighters wear certain clothing items. However, most companies allow their employers to pick out other clothing items. Most companies allow their firefighters to choose the type of shirt they wish to wear on the job. When


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