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  • 10/11/13
    A Brief History of Modern Body Armor – Then and Now

    With each technological advancement in armed combat since the beginning of time, men on each side of the battlefield have tried to protect themselves from bodily harm and death by developing an appropriate armor.  Whether it’s a rock, an arrow, spear, bullet or mortar, anything that’s thrown or projected fast enough can cause lethal damage. 


  • 10/10/13
    The correct mixture of duty pants can make a world of difference outside

    Regardless of what you do in your job, be it firefighting, a police officer, an emergency worker, or a traffic guard, you are going to need the correct type of pants at all time to help you stay warm, dry and safe from certain types of chemicals, pathogens and the elements. This is the reason


  • 10/09/13
    High Visibility Gear: Not Just For on the Job

    Whether you’re in law enforcement, an emergency first responder, or in the fire department, wearing high visibility personal protective gear is mandatory while on the job no matter what the situation.  With a wide variation of weather conditions to contend with, not to mention night time operations, making yourself easier to see can only help


  • 10/09/13
    The Great Debate: Over Or Under Shirt Police Vest Carrier Choices

    It doesn't matter if you are on patrol or doing end of shift paperwork, the conversation of those around you is sooner or later to be about the pluses and minuses of either switching to another police vest carrier or sticking with the style that you are currently using. The funny thing is, with today's


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