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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • 09/30/13
    The Truth Behind Blauer Boots

    Blauer boots were built from the sole up with feedback from the field on every detail.  They were in development for over 2 years before we finalized the design and started manufacturing them.  With over 80 years of experience supplying law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS teams and other first responders with first class uniforms and


  • 09/10/13
    Police Uniform Shirts

    Children learn from a young age that a police officer is someone they can trust. Schools and parents teach kids to look for someone in a police uniform when they need help. Most people don't realize that in many districts, police officers are responsible for buying their own uniforms. With police uniform shirts, you can


  • 09/09/13
    Stay Safe on the Job with Fire Pants

    When a fire breaks out, the only thing standing between you and death is your protective gear. Firefighters typically wear multiple layers of clothing that keep the heat from the flames away from their bodies. They also choose fire pants and other clothing in florescent colors that help others spot them in the middle of


  • 09/08/13
    How to Choose the Right Police Apparel

    As a police officer, you must be prepared for any situation you face. While you might spend a weekend day keeping the streets safe during a festival or carnival, you might spend the next day leading a foot chase to track down a criminal suspect. The right clothing won't get in your way as you


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