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  • 08/22/13
    5 Tips To Finding The Right External Vest Carrier For Police, Fire And EMS

    Safety is a primary concern for the police fire and EMS worker. Their jobs are dangerous enough and without the correct protective gear. External vest carriers can make a difference in so many situations. These 5 tips will act as a guide to finding the right vest carrier for all emergency response personnel.

    When you are


  • 08/21/13
    Columbo Should've Gotten His Pants From Blauer

    You have read that correctly! If the famous television cop, Columbo, would have been wearing Blauer pants he wouldn't have looked wrinkled and frumpy. With blends of rayon and polyester, that in itself, loudly screams wrinkle-free and easy care fabrics. He would have moved from case to case and always looked freshly pressed. His appearance


  • 08/21/13
    EMS Pants: Work Hard In Comfort

    With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, come many emergencies, accidents and tragedies. Whatever the case may be, emergency teams must be on stand-by and ready at all times to take action. This is heavy duty work, therefore it is very important for EMS workers to be comfortable throughout their missions.
    Blauer understands the needs


  • 08/20/13
    Invest in High Quality EMS Pants

    EMS pants for men need to be made of high quality material that will last you for many rough nights on a tough job. You want to invest in ems pants that are both comfortable and durable. You will be working long shifts in these pants, and it is necessary that they fit right as


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