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  • 07/27/13
    Medically Prepared EMT Accessories

    Whether a seasoned paramedic or an inspiring EMT introduced to the fast pace of a busy department, you are sure to catch a whiff of the all inspiring craze and deep desire to be competent and prepared. Surely it is not unheard of to find that one medical professional equipped with every possible accessory that


  • 07/25/13
    EMT Uniform Protection

    There once was a time when the EMT was revered for how much blood was soaked on his shirt at the end of a shift. He was even convinced, at times, that it was better not to use a shirt at all. There he was, running run after run in the blistering hot sun and


  • 07/24/13
    Definitely More than Just a Job Shirt

    From an early age, we are told not to judge a book by its' cover. However, we also learn, long before we can read those books, to identify people by their clothing. In all walks of life a job shirt, or a uniform immediately identifies and categorizes people of authority, athletes, pilots, doctors, nurses


  • 07/23/13
    Reflective Jackets are Safe and Stylish

    Reflective Jackets are Safe and Stylish On Halloween, droves of children dressed as firefighters and police officers walk the streets, their costumes punctuated by strips of reflective material, lovingly stuck on by worried parents. It is important for trick or treating children to remain visible to drivers, and when those children grow up to fulfill


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