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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • 03/31/13
    Tactical Survival for Today's Police

    Police once functioned by riding on horses and chasing down crooks and engaging in battles with revolving pistols. They drove around in cars and watched criminals with their eyes and arrested criminals. However, the times have changed. Police officers today have to function in a very different manner. Their job is not to ride horses


  • 03/30/13
    Comfortable Police Gear

    Blauer takes pride in making clothing for those who work in emergency response. Their brand of clothing is made to last through all weather conditions and are designed for comfort and durability. Our company started in 1936 and our clothing standard is important. The men and women who put their life on the line each


  • 03/30/13
    Stay Warm With Blauer's Durable Gear While On Duty

    Law enforcement officials such as police officers for any environment, have to be properly dressed and equipped with the right gear to ensure safety. Police and security equipment is needed for all areas so that pedestrians, families, and homes will be safe. Blauer has many different products that include uniforms, outerwear, rain wear, safety


  • 03/29/13
    Tactical Crime Battle Showdown

    It is well known that tactical police uniforms help to give officers an edge over criminals. The battle between criminals and law enforcement is fierce. The criminals have edges that help them to continue breaking the law for a living. The police have edges that help them to continue to try to keep crime rates


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