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  • 02/27/13
    EMS Bags Aid Need to Have Many Different Qualities!

    EMS Bags Aid are Crucial to any Life Saving Job
    Here at Blauer we know more than well the importance of a person being prepared for any unforeseen circumstance that might arise. The reason for this is because anybody who is in the job category of firefighting, EMS, police officer, or even an undercover operative needs


  • 02/27/13
    Being Comfortable is Not the Only Thing about EMS Work Boots to Consider

    It is commonly known that wearing boots is one of the safest ways of dealing with conditions that shoes would utterly fail in. People who are going out on a call in the middle of the night are going to be at risk of all sorts of problems. The dark can conceal dangerous things like


  • 02/27/13
    Seeking swat apparel but not being able to find it?

    Swat apparel needs to be very high quality.

    Blauer has all of the great clothing items that you will need if you work in the defense of the city or state that you work in. It is a common misconception that a swat member goes after the bad guys in a full suit of bulky body


  • 02/27/13
    Check out the tactical surplus at Blauer!

    There are many reasons why Blauer is quickly becoming one of the largest dealers in surplus tactical items. This is because not only do they allow people to get free shipping on certain items, they also feature many items of overstock that they know people use and need on a daily basis. This means that


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